Our luxury 'Himalayan Rose Velvet' Relaxing Minerals Bath Salt is mixed all of the 3 grains natural Himalayan Pink Salt.

Fine grains will dissolve in the bath quickly, while the medium grain slowly soaks into the water creating a relaxing aura. The coarse grain adds the luxury feeling and can scrub your skin nicely.
It's the real luxury bath salt that you can treat yourself to and get great feelings after a soaking .


You can relax in the beautiful bath with rose petals and rosebuds and get the benefits from natural Himalyan salt, Rose Geranium essential oil help you to calm, release and unwind. There also are sweet almond oil and Kaolin clay which help your skin smooth and soft after soaking in.


How to use:

Sprinkle a handful of bath salt in a warm water bath, soak and relax at least 20 minutes.

A jar contain approximate of 280g. of bath salt with can be used for 2-5 times bath depends on how you would love it.




Natural Hamalayn Pink Salt, Rose petals, Rosebuds, 

Rose Geranium essential oil, Kaolin clay, Sweet Almond oil, Mica

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid and Polysorbate80



'Himalayan Rose Velvet' Relaxing Minerals Bath Salt

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