Our Aim

We create and produce our products in safe environment.

We choose all our ingredients carefully because we care about our customers.


We use only GMO Free, Paraben & Aluminium Free Sodium Bircarbonate (Baking Soda) which is the main ingredient in our bath products.

We do not put any chemical enhancers in any of our products because we know its unnecessary.

We try to use only eco-friendly and bio-degradable materials for our packaging.

Where we use plastic containers, we make sure they can be recycled.

We are only a small business but we do the best we can for customers and our planet.

Wholesale Enquiries

We are happy to supply products to businesses.

If you would like to order our products on a larger scale

whether to sell or as a wedding favour or for gifts.

Feel free to send us an email...

we can give you more details about our awesome wholesale price.

Payment Methods

We accept online payment using 

- Credit / Debit Cards